I’ve been blogging for Six months!


              [Blogging] is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.                                 E. L. Doctorow

In June of 2016 I took a leap of faith and published a blog, REAL TALK 859.  Only God knew if anyone would read it.  I have been blessed with so many encouraging comments and inspired by those who chose to talk back to me.

It has been a pleasure to connect with many fellow bloggers and learn from them as I read their posts. Some of them have shared my posts with their followers and for that I am humbled.

THANK YOU, to everyone who has stopped by REAL TALK 859 these last six months. You have made this blog so much fun! You have been the wind beneath my wings.

As I reach this six-month milestone I am thrilled to say I have had visitors from ten states and seven countries internationally.

The REAL TALK blog website has been visited by 526 and over 445 have visited the Facebook page.

At this point I have 11 followers on my blog website, 123 Facebook followers and 68 Twitter followers.

If you have not visited the REAL TALK website please stop by at https://realtalk859.wordpress.com/.

I would greatly appreciate it if you will subscribe to the website.  If you have not followed me on Facebook or Twitter, please consider that as well.

Your follow or subscription may be just the one I need to reach my next milestone.

The most popular posts were “Clergy Appreciation Month Part III The Preacher’s Kids”, “#Redbloodmatters” and “Are you Ready to Move?”.

What were some of your favorite posts from REAL TALK this year?

What topics would you love to see me discuss? Leave a comment below!

I look forward to connecting with you in 2017 for more REAL TALK.  Until then, be blessed!


Author: realtalk859

My name is Calvonia, a unique name for a unique person. I've shared my life with my husband, lover and friend, Moses for most of my adult life. We are blessed with three children, a daughter-in-love and four grandchildren. I enjoy studying God's word, nature and most genres of music.

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