Chronicles of a Preacher’s Kid

As you know this month’s blog theme is Clergy Appreciation. We’ve previously discussed the Pastor and his wife. This week I would like to highlight thoughts from the preacher’s children AKA PK’s. This blog was written by my daughters’ Casondra and Christian. They grew up in a pastor’s home and know the blessings and the struggles of this journey. I encourage you to listen to them with an open heart. The blog was originally posted on Casondra’s blog, Radford Ramblings.

Radford Ramblings

You say, “Preacher’s kids are the worst ones.” We say, “We learned everything we know from your kids”.

Being a parishioner in our fathers’ church or community does not entitle you to cast judgment on our lives. We are not the headline on Sunday’s bulletin. We are individuals learning how to walk the line. It’s not always easy to stay balanced but it takes lots of training and dedication. Aren’t you supposed to be doing the same?

The call on a Christian’s life is to strive for perfection. Perfection won’t come by trying to remove the spec from the preacher’s kid’s eye while ignoring the plank in your own. It’s quite impossible to get your house in order when you’re constantly doing impromptu visits to someone else’s house.

Daddy’s job doesn’t make our responsibility as Christians any greater than yours. There’s not a special commandments list for preacher’s kids. When…

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Author: realtalk859

My name is Calvonia, a unique name for a unique person. I've shared my life with my husband, lover and friend, Moses for most of my adult life. We are blessed with three children, a daughter-in-love and four grandchildren. I enjoy studying God's word, nature and most genres of music.

One thought on “Chronicles of a Preacher’s Kid”

  1. I left a comment on your daughter’s blog too. Thank you for sharing this. We forget that Pastors and their families are human and struggle the same ways we do. The enemy attacks your families more since you are in the spotlight sharing God’s Word. I appreciate your work and the trials you endure so you can shepherd us (church members!)


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