A Word in Due Season

In those times, we need someone to put some air back in our balloon. We need a word in due season.


A man has joy by the answer of his mouth, And a word spoken in due season, how good it is! Proverbs 15:23

a word in due season

Have you ever felt discouraged? I think we all have been there, done that, and bought the t-shirts.

When the circumstances of life apply so much pressure on us, it pokes a hole in our spiritual balloons, that my sister is discouragement.

In Christian service, be it formal ministry or serving on the mission field as a stay at home mother, we pour out all that we have on others until our vessel is empty.  Our various roles look different.  Some are serving up front in morning worship while others are behind the scenes and many are stumbling over themselves trying to figure out how they can contribute to the kingdom of God.

Each of us is a laborer.

We have showed up to the field with our work boots and knapsacks, with a “Yes, Lord!” dripping from our lips. 

We know quite well that in this field it certainly does call for labor.

In this field there is very little extrinsic motivation if any.  The external rewards are rare to none.  If you are not serving the Lord out of genuine love for him you will become exhausted before midday.

Unfortunately, even when you serve with the right motivation and you pray without ceasing you get tired, weary and worn.  Your air leaks out and that balloon flies across the room leaving you holding nothing.

In those times, we need someone to put some air back in our balloon.  We need a word in due season.

My husband and I were in a Christian book store today and the manager, who happens to be a minister, was strategically placed there just for us.  This gentleman through chit chat discovered that we were a ministry couple on vacation.  His words spoken with tear filled eyes exited his mouth and entered our hearts.  He couldn’t have known what we were feeling, how desperately we have been praying and seeking God’s face for courage to keep on keeping on just a little while longer.  Because of his obedience to God we left there better than we were when we came.

It doesn’t take a lot to encourage someone. It’s not hard to speak a kind word or smile.

I’m a country girl and in my neck of the woods, we speak when we pass someone on the street or enter a room.  We go so far to wave when another car passes us.  We call that being polite.

I miss that.  I miss that because sometimes, you just need a smile.  Often that simple gesture of “How are you today?” genuinely spoken can make you day.

When was the last time you shared a kind word? Do you intentionally speak to passersby or give compliments when appropriate?  Are you God’s mouthpiece on an average day?




Author: realtalk859

Hi, I'm Calvonia. I'm so glad you stopped by. I'm a small town girl with old school ways. So come on in, share of cup of hot tea and a real conversation. I've shared my life with my husband, lover and friend, Moses for most of my adult life. Our union has been blessed with three children a couple of in-loves and a few grandchildren. We are so blessed. I love God more than words can articulate and sharing his word and his love with my sisters literally makes me smile. Enough about me, let's talk about Jesus!

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